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Having the ability to conduct an inspection of the scene and involved vehicles is an important part of the investigative and reconstruction process, and can provide vital information about the crash for your case.

At Collision Specialists, our investigators have the tools, training and experience to conduct the most thorough inspections possible, so you are presented with all of the information available for these areas.

Scene Inspections

A detailed inspection of the crash scene will serve to locate and document all roadway evidence, provide photographs of the evidence, as well as street level photographs from known distances, and aerial photographs and video from our drones. We will also document the scene with the FARO 3D Scanner so that we can create 3D images for demonstrative use later.

Scene videos can also be taken to illustrate the functioning of a traffic signal, traffic patterns or a driver’s perspective. 

Vehicle Inspections

A vehicle inspection can require different things depending on the type of vehicle and the factors of the crash, but all will include an examination of the:

  • Tires
  • Braking System
  • Restraint System
  • Lighting
  • Vehicle Interior/Exterior

It will also include the imaging of the Airbag Control Module (ACM) or other EDR Systems, photographs - with measurements - documenting what was observed in each of the areas, and scans with the FARO 3D Scanner.

Additionally, our experts can also examine issues regarding potential component failures to try to determine if further analysis by additional experts would be warranted.