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Frequently Asked Questions

How many “active” collision scenes have been investigated by Collision Specialists, Inc. personnel?

To date, in excess of 10,000 collisions, this unfortunately includes over 1,800 fatal collisions.

Does Collision Specialists, Inc. investigate collisions outside the state of Georgia?

Yes. We serve the entire United States.

What are the FMCSR's?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations applicable to Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators and Companies.

Does Collision Specialists, Inc. investigate both plaintiff and defense cases?


Has Collision Specialists, Inc. ever been excluded by the courts from testifying?


In a totaled vehicle, how long is the information stored in a “black box”?

In a supported vehicle, data can be collected years after the collision.

Is roadway evidence tangible?

Yes, depending on the amount of time, traffic, construction and weather conditions. This evidence generally has a short longevity.

Who hires the accident reconstruction company?

In general, an accident reconstructionist is retained by the attorney or insurance adjuster handling the case.

When I hire Collision Specialists, Inc. to handle my case, do I still need to retain a roadway expert, commercial motor vehicle expert, conspicuity expert, or black box expert?

No, Collision Specialists, Inc. is well versed in these fields.  If it is outside our scope of expertise, we will make recommendations.