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Collision Specialists, Inc.

At Collision Specialists, we put your needs first while offering our expert opinion to help you achieve the best outcome for your case. We understand that each collision is unique and requires a customized investigation. Therefore, it is our goal to work with you and your client to look at every possible aspect of your case to form the most accurate opinion.

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 Thank you for voting Collision Specialists, Inc. for the Daily Report’s “Best Of” 10 years in a row! Almost Two Decades of serving our clients, and a Decade of acheiving the Daily Reports Best of. We are grateful. 

We Are The Experts

The number of collisions is continually growing, as is our team. Each one of our 10 experts is specifically trained to see detail in any sort of light. With each one having a profound background in Law Enforcement, we know the ins and outs of Accident Reconstruction and Commercial Motor Vehicle Compliance. We encourage our team to continue their education each year in order to keep up to date with new technology and resources. See our CSI Team page to learn more about our experts.