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Fee Schedule



Fees *Portal to Portal

Senior Accident Reconstructionist*                                                                                                              $250.00 per hour

Associate Accident Reconstructionist*                                                                                                       $200.00 per hour

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Drawings                                                                                                $250.00 per hour

CMV Compliance Analysis                                                                                                                                 $250.00 per hour

Rush (work assigned for completion within 30 days)*                                                                                     $400.00 per hour

File Initiation/File Maintenance                                                                                                                    $750.00 (one-time fee)


Court Appearance

Testimony Seating (four-hour minimum)                                                                                                       $250.00 per hour

Day Rate                                                                                                                                                                     $2500.00


Additional Expenses

Retainer (New File)


Crash Data Retrieval Tool (Bosch, Tesla, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Saab, Toyota Tech Stream, etc.)


BERLA Infotainment Acquisition Tool


ECM Data Retrieval Tool (Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Cummins, International, PACCAR, Bendix, Wabco, etc.)


Benchtop ECM Data Imaging


Smart Sensor Simulator “Truck in a Box


CAD-3D-Scan Model Printing

TBD (As Needed)



Meals, Lodging, Air Fare, Car Rental, Shipping



A $2500 non-refundable retainer is required for new cases. New cases are billed a one-time initiation fee of $750.00 for file preparation and maintenance. CSI submits invoices each month to reflect work completed and payment is due upon receipt. Credit card authorization forms are available upon request. File materials such as photographs, downloads, etc. are not released until the invoices have been submitted and payment received. Past due balances will incur a 1.5% monthly fee. Outstanding balances may result in the file being placed on hold. The retaining attorney is responsible for payment to Collision Specialists, Inc., not the attorney’s client.

Mediations, hearings and depositions require a minimum four (4) hour appearance fee as portions of the day have been blocked to accommodate our appearance(s). When opposing counsel requests to take our deposition, it will be the responsibility of opposing counsel to pay the appearance fees, in addition to any time that exceeds the four (4) hour minimum. In the event that opposing counsel fails to pay submitted invoices in a timely manner, the retaining attorney will be responsible for the outstanding fees. CSI reserves the right to request appearance fees prior to the seating of the deposition. These fees must be received five business days before the seating of the deposition and if fees are not received, Collision Specialists, Inc. reserves the right to reschedule the deposition appearance until payment is received. CSI utilizes our office for deposition appearances, however, if travel is required, opposing counsel will be responsible for all additional expenses unless prior agreements have been made. Clients of CSI are responsible for any times in preparation for testimony appearances and no testimony appearances will be scheduled on files which are past due.

During trial appearances, the day rate will be incorporated since the entire day will be blocked off of our calendar to eliminate scheduling conflicts.

The mere sharing of information with CSI by a potential client shall not obligate CSI to potential client or prevent CSI from contracting with other parties to the matter in the event that potential client elects not to retain CSI, including a signed agreement and retainer.